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Office hours: 9:00 am-9:00 pm, TEL: +81(0)772-22-2171

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Genmyoan Cafe

Genmyoan Cafe

With our matchless view, what better place for a steaming, well-brewed cup of coffee or tea? ¥500 a cup -- call ahead please

Arriving and Departing

Where is the inn located? How do we get there?
Ryokan Genmyoan is on the Sea of Japan in the north part of Kyoto Prefecture, about 120 kilometers from Kyoto City. Trains from Kyoto Station or Osaka Station take just over two hours to nearby Amanohashidate Station.
Are transfers from the station provided?
Yes, we provide complimentary transfers to and from Amanohashidate Station. Please inform us of your arrival time.
Can we have our luggage sent to the inn in advance by a delivery service?
Yes, you can have your bags delivered a day in advance of your arrival. When sending, make sure to include your name and date of arrival, and address the luggage to: Ryokan Genmyokan, Ji Monju 32-1, Miyazu-shi, Kyoto-Fu 626-0001, tel. 0772-22-2171.
What are the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in time is 3:00 pm and check-out time is 10:00 am.
Are early check-ins or late check-outs possible?
Yes, checking in an hour early or out an hour late is no problem. Please inform the front desk.
Are any precautions needed when arriving in winter?
Deep snowfalls can occur after mid-December. You should have snow tires or chains if driving here in winter.
Is parking provided?
Yes, you may park at the entrance to Genmyoan.
Are transfers provided from the inn to the station?
Yes, we provide complementary transfers to Amanohashidate Station. Please tell the front desk your departure time.
Can we have our luggage sent from the inn by a delivery service?
Yes, the Yamato delivery company can pick up your bags at the inn.
What are the charges for cancellations of a reservation?
No charge for up to four days before your arrival date, 20% of the first day�fs rate for cancellations two or three days before, 50% for one day before, and 100% of the first day�fs rate for day of arrival cancellations.

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When are the large baths open?
Hours are from 6:30 to 9:00 am, and from 3:00 to 11:00 pm.
Is it necessary to reserve a time to use the baths?
No, you may come any time the baths are open. They are very spacious, so several guests may use them at the same time.
Are towels, hair dryers and such available?
Yes, the dressing rooms are fully furnished with towels and wash cloths, hair dryers, hair tonic, and other personal care items.
Can we come to use the inn�fs baths without staying as guests?
Except for lunch guests, the baths are not available to non-guests.

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Where are our meals served?
Dinner and breakfast are served in your own room by our maids.
When is dinner served?
You may request a start time for your evening meal between 6:00 and 7:00 pm.
When is breakfast served?
It is served in your room from 7:30 to 8:30 am, at your requested start time.
What kind of meals are served at Genmyoan?
Our menu can best be described as gourmet Japanese, based on the very top pick of our region�fs seafood and vegetables, according to the season. For your breakfast, you may choose either a Japanese or Western menu.
Can vegetarian menus be substituted for the regular meals?
Yes, if you do not eat fish or meat, alternative meals can be prepared. Please inform us well ahead of time.
What sort of drinks can we have served with meals?
Red or white wines, a wide variety of sakes (hot or cold), beers, and a large selection of soft drinks may be chosen among.
Are there menu substitutions for guests with food allergies or other dietary restrictions?
If you have dietary restrictions for such things as eggs, shellfish, pork, beef or others, please inform us well ahead of time, so that we may prepare alternative dishes for you.

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What kind of beds are in the rooms?
Futons--we use the thicker type--are provided in each room.
Can I use my laptop or other wireless Internet device in my room?
Six rooms, Chitose, Ryuto, Shiraito, Tsuki, Ichiji, and Katsuga, have good in-room Internet access. WiFi may be accessed on the lobby level, and a computer is also provided in the lobby for guests.
Can I get TV channels in other languages, besides Japanese?
You can hear bilingually broadcast programs in other languages, but room TVs do not receive dedicated channels for BBC, CNN etc.
What amenities are provided in guest rooms?
A rather complete range: Japanese yukata robes, towels large and small, a hair dryer, hair brush, tooth brush, shampoo and soap, cotton buds, razors, and a few others.

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About the Inn

What credit cards are accepted? How about travelers�f checks?
We accept major credit cards such as AMEX, Master Card, Visa, JCB, Diners Club and others. We do not accept travelers�f checks, sorry. They can be cashed at local banks.
Does the staff speak English?
Staff who can speak English are always available to help you.
Do we need to take off our shoes?
Yes, guests do take off their shoes when entering a ryokan. Slippers are provided. It is all part of entering a traditional Japanese space. All room floors are tatami.
Are children welcome?
Certainly, bring your children. We offer special rates.
Does the inn have a shop for souvenirs?
Yes, a shop near the front desk features mementos and locally made products, including wine and Genmyoan�fs own label of sake.
Is there a coffee shop or bar on the inn premises?
Coffee service is available in the lobby, but there is no separate coffee shop or bar. You can order some alcoholic beverages to consume in your room.
Is there a cigarette vending machine on the premises?
There is no cigarette machine. Packs of popular brands are sold at the front desk.
Are there drinks vending machines on the premises?
There is no drinks machine. The mini-bar refrigerator in your room has a variety of soft drinks and beer, and you may order others.
Are guest rooms barrier-free?
No guest rooms are completely barrier-free, by the regulatory definition. There are easy-access rooms on the first level, without steps and near the entrance.
How can we keep our valuables safe?
Valuables can be brought to the front desk for safe keeping. Rooms do not have safes.
How do we get from the ryokan to the town?
We can provide transport in our van down from our hilltop location and back up. Hardier guests may prefer doing it on foot; it is only a few minutes to the town.
Can taxis be arranged for?
Yes, just ask at the front desk.